“We can support businesses and individuals reach new standards, problem solve and realise goals. Driving standards to do things the right way.”

Nic Sharman

Your partner in betterment

Nic Sharman Consultancy has been supporting the food industry since 1995, with proven expertise in all food and drink categories. This in-depth knowledge of standards and practices ensures we get the best from people and teams, improving efficiency as well as creating new effective standards and systems to work to.

Nic has a MSc in Food Safety Management and experience in chilled and ambient food manufacturing, catering, 2nd party auditing and retail. Her work with Marks and Spencer saw her being responsible for conducting food safety audits to assess and approve new suppliers globally and across many industry sectors.

Over a nine year period Nic managed and established new systems for Marks and Spencer with the responsibility for redeveloping the food safety and integrity manufacturing standards. These were rewritten from prescriptive codes of practice to outcome measures and requirements with guidance on how to achieve them. Once the new standards were completed she led the learning and development to retrain the Marks and Spencer Technical team and the 2nd party audit company ‘how to think grey’.

Nic Sharman Consultancy is built on the experience of betterment. Get in touch today to see how we can work together.

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  • Food Safety and Integrity Education
  • Trouble Shoot and Root Cause Analysis
  • Food Safety Management System
  • Governance and Developing Teams
  • Incident Management
  • Product Safety
  • Conducting Food Safety and Integrity Audits

Setting standards in food safety

Each factory is unique and there will be times when there is a challenge or a KPI you just can’t get under control. We can help support you in the following areas:

Factory design

Working with you we provide guidance on factory design and layout to deliver better food safety and improve efficiency.

Retailer requirements

We provide support with onboarding new customers or retailers. Understanding and integrating their requirements in order to achieve their approval.

Fact finding

Working with your teams we can provide extra support with troubleshooting and investigations to get to the root cause of a problem.

Food Safety Management

We can conduct HACCP study reviews or can Audit an existing food safety management system to verify compliance with GFSI standards or Customer requirements, providing practical advice and guidance to improve as appropriate.

Learning as individual as your company

We know that each business has its own unique needs and specific areas in which they wish to focus development on. We offer practical bespoke learning which is tailored to your business, covering food safety and integrity subjects. To support the teams embed and develop their learning we conduct shadow visits/audits.

Courses aimed at food and drink manufacturers can be completed in one of the following formats:

Online one hour course 

To provide bitesize learning on food safety and integrity topics. The courses are hosted in person and there will be an opportunity for questions and answers too.

Onsite 1 day in-depth course with project and complimentary half day follow up

A bespoke one day onsite course, focusing on a specific issue, using relevant data from the site and helping the team identify actions and change behaviours.

Onsite 4 day course practical and in the factory

To provide bespoke practical factory learning on a variety of food safety and integrity topics.

Course aimed at auditors

Onsite 2 day course

Learning how to get the best out of an audit, what questions to ask to get you the right information and best ways to connect the dots.

Course Topics

  • Product Safety and Food Safety Culture
  • How to prevent Foreign Body contamination in your factory
  • Allergen Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Management of Cleaning
  • High Care/High Risk Manufacturing Requirements
  • Internal Audits
  • Pest Prevention
  • Management of Integrity & Segregation in your factory

Food Safety Culture

We can help you understand your culture and what strategies to implement that can change behaviours, set new norms and strengthen your food safety and quality culture.

Utilising the models in the GFSI Food Safety Culture Position Paper and PAS 320 documents, we can assess how you meet the five dimensions and support you to create a positive food safety culture.

“Food safety culture is defined as a long-term construct existing at the organisational level relating to the deeply rooted beliefs, behaviours and assumptions that are learned and shared by all employees, which impact the food safety performance of the organisation”

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